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Default Re: Ruined ribbon...what to make?

Originally Posted by elly760 View Post
how cute is that for a baby!! love it!!
Thanks! I think it could be super cute with some tweaking, it just isn't full enough for my taste!

Originally Posted by 4-custom-dressed-kids View Post
Oh, I love it! Definately making these! May never sell a one, but Meri will be so stinkin' cute wearing them! I am one of those strange bow people that loves the tiny mini bows, I only make the big ones 'cause so many people want them.

Yeah, it needs a tiny bit of tweeking, but what fun it will be! I am so glad all that ribbon was mis-cut!

BTW, do you know how many times I had to click new posts so I could see these? So not a patient person!
haha I know I love tiny bows! But I guess you gotta start somewhere with a formula for this bow... I'm banking that 2.5 inches is gonna be just right and maybe more like 18-20ish pieces?
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