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Thats pretty good for a first bow. Mine was nothing like that lol.

The surrounds or "loops" around the center bow are a little big and instead of using a feather look for maribu puffs (you can get them on long boas for like $3) and they go a long way. You make that into a circle and glue it and then stick that in the middle. That way you get the feather look around the whole bow not just sticking out on one side.

I make pre made spikes for $1 with a minimum of 5 in an order so if you are interested in some of them to save time Id be more than happy to make some up for you. Ive been playing around with the idea of selling all the separate parts of a bow and then letting people mix and match what they like and then they can put it together at home. Its just something to think about but I think you are doing very well for a beginner.
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