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Default Re: Ribbon heaven. Worth it?

Originally Posted by msiluvbows View Post
Thanks. I know you guys are all busy i can see from all the messages i get i just feel that if someone buys a membership its for a reason and I'm sure none of use to it to bother anyone or to upset anyone but we just get excited with all the ribbon and i think its unfair when i have to send email after email to get an answer and i have sent 2 over facebook which I'm not sure who gets those but the same no reply there so its just something i wanted to share. I was wondering about the DRR and if i order from tabby wabby if the price on there is what i would pay? but you answered me question about the discount. thanks again
You're so welcome. She is really hard to get a hold of by email. She gets literally hundreds of emails a day & has helpers answering emails. She also has her phone number listed on the website, which I know seems a bit intimidating to call her but she is a total sweetheart. She isn't ignoring you on purpose. I understand your frustration.
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