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Default Re: Ribbon heaven. Worth it?

Hi ladies, I'm very disappointed with Ribbon Heaven. I heard lots of great things about them so i was very excited to purchase a membership. I did over a year ago. my first order took forever to process because i would add to my order and a day later it was out of stock then when it was added again another was out, either way i got the ribbon and couldn't have been happier, it was great quality ribbon and the prices were great. my second order was fast and again happy with what i got. Here comes the problem. I needed solid, they have a link to it but nothing there. I was told i can ask and that they would give me a good deal, i did, i email they emailed back then they would take forever to reply and after months i finally got frustrated because i really needed the ribbon and they they tell me that they are really busy so maybe i should order off their wholesale sit. I was so upset because they should have not said yes in the first place. I dropped it but i was very upset. Now I'm looking for DRR at a good price and have literally sent 4 messages asking about the prices and any discounts and not one reply. I don't mean to make anyone look bad and i totally understand they are extremely busy and they also have day jobs but i don't see how some people get Excellent costumer service while other ones like me get crappy service. All it takes is a "yes we do offer DRR at this price and if you would like some please place an order" or if they dont want to sell to me that fine just say so. Sorry ladies, this makes me so upset
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