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Default Re: Line clips "correctly"

I too have found that the glue sticks from WM hold up way better than any of the ones from HL or Michaels, even the most expensive ones. I always do mine in sections that way I can squish the glue where its no lumpy. For instance, I start with just a dab of glue on the end of my ribbon and center it onto the inside of the clip, then I lift the ribbon up while I spread glue on only the metal of that side of the clip and lay the clip down on my ribbon. SOmetimes I even smash with my fingers so that the glue lays down and then when you bring the ribbon around to the other side and put glue any lumps will melt with the new hot glue. Hope that makes sense. Lol. I also use the small tip hot glue gun and I want to say it is less than $6 at HL and has a little stand and everything. I love mine.
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