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Default Re: White Polymer clay

Thanks so much Miranda for that. I just check the packet and yes it does have a 14 on it. It even says translucent! Obviously I was so excitied to buy some I didn't know it came like that.
Yep, the blobs were after baking. Oh well now I'll have to go and buy some more.
Thanks again.

Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
I am going to guess that it is Fimo with a 00 or a 14 on the bottom? Those are both translucent. I actually prefer Fimo and Premo. I don't suggest sculpey - it can be brittle once its baked.

The "little clear blobs" was this after baking? It sounds like plaquing, this happens with the trans unfortunately. Works out lovely if you are making faux stones for a more natural look but not so much for everything else.

If you all have any more questions, feel free to ask!
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