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Default Re: Photographer here with a couple of models

Originally Posted by SunshineA View Post
I would trade photography for products. Doesn't have to be a 1 to 1 trade, depending on what someone needs. Like if you have 10 items to be photographed, I do not need to keep all 10 things. Just something fair!

I know I am new, I guess we all were at some point! That is why I am putting myself out there, hoping to establish good relationships. I know lots of people out there with gorgeous products might not have the time or the equipment to photograph them to showcase them to the fullest. And I am always taking pictures so it could be a win/win for both parties.
Hey there like you, I am new here too! (I just found this site and I am in LOVE!)
I am NOT actively selling my products... YET! Actually, right now I'm in the beginning stage where I'm working very hard on my new etsy store... I'm still in the process of building up my stash of products... With that being said, the part I've been dreading is photographing my items because my camera sucks lol... I perfectly have a newborn baby girl who just turned 2 months, but like I said, my camera sucks. I will try to have her model for me, but I don't know how good that will go.
So anyways, i would be very interested in trading work with you and having your gorgeous girls modelAnd I like the idea that you're not too far from me... I live in San Antonio. Let me know if you're interested, because I am new too.

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