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Keep in mind that the $1 per roll baskets at Michaels are usually satin ribbon or 3/8 grossgrain ribbon. I learned the hard way that to make the Over The Top Twisted Bows you want to use at least 7/8 grossgrain and 1 1/2 grossgrain for the bows and spikes. The satin ribbon will not hold the twisted shape like the grossgrain, just wanted to put that out there because when I first started I thought those sales were great but I just wasted my money because it wasn't what I needed for the bows like this. HTH. It took me nearly 6 months to get the twisted bows and stacked bows but I'm a visual person and had to purchase good templates and tutorials. I hope you get the look you are wanting for your beautiful baby girl in a month! And there are some amazing and talented women here that that will help you along the way, me, I'm not that amazing or talented but I will cheer for you and offer any support or tips I know.

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Thank you so much! Its great to know that someone in this world would take the time and help me! My daughter's birthday is in about a month sooo i have a lil time! Ya I found that michael's has sales and lke they have a big basket outside at $1.00 per roll! So when i find them and i have coupons i do it big and get asmany as my budget can allow!
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