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Default An interesting tidbit on professional pics....

So I have really been working hard on my etsy shop. It had been dead for like 3 weeks, so I found a local photographer to do some trades with for shots of my products being modeled. I first had a pic posted that I took myself, (a little different headband, but same type of pic)
Feb.18, 2011 012.jpg
and haden't sold one for WEEKS! I then switched it to these pics that I got back from the photog, and I sold 6 of them. Yes, 6! I sold two, then one more special order, then I got another request for 3 more of them yesterday!

rb turquoise lace and velvet.jpg

rb turquoise lace and velvet clip.jpg

rb turquoise lace and velvet band.jpg
I guess professional pics really do make a difference.
I have an awesome destash waiting for you;
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