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Default Re: What's the strongest dbl sided tape? What do you use?

Originally Posted by NewMexicoGirl View Post
I think her thread got deleted in the purge. I believe her screen name is Sweethairclips I use the one I get from her and I love it. I do add a dab of hot glue in the pinch and at the end for a little added security.

I know some people are visual here are some lined with the specialty tape
Those are great clips NMG! Thanks for sharing your pics

Originally Posted by sosweetbydesign View Post
I only use tape to line my clips and have been getting it from her for at least the last two years and I love it. I dont use any other glue or anything and have never had a problem with them coming up. I just ordered another 4 more rolls that should be here monday, she ships cheap and quick.
I'm definitely going to have to look her up ~ thanks for the great vote of confidence!

Originally Posted by keisha View Post
This may be a stupid question but do you use 3/8 or 1/4 tape?
I apologize, that's my mistake (and definitely not a stupid question!). I use 1/4". Is that what you use/recommend?
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