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Default Re: any recommendations for a good digi camera?

Are you looking to stay within a certain budget? I had 2 Sony's previously that took pretty nice photos for a point and shoot but BOTH died just around a year and Sony's only offer was to send them in for a flat fee repair service (no matter what the issue is) that at the time would have cost me the same as just buying another one of the same cameras online though like ritzcamera or something. Becaues they both had a lens problem (the lens stopped going in and out - neither had ever been dropped, kept in a case, etc.) I don't buy Sony anymore.

I have a Nikon Digital SLR D40 now, that takes INCREDIBLE photos and has automatic settings that can make it as easy as a point and shoot, but it's NOT cheap.

Oh yeah, I've been following this guys very in depth camera reviews for about 4 years now. It may be of help to you:
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu

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