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Default Re: What's the strongest dbl sided tape? What do you use?

I LOVE Sealah tape from Jodees but it's pretty expensive. Specialty tape comes in second, and considering I get it from a HipGirl for $5 per roll (compared to $17 for Sealah) it's what I now use.


I totally have to edit my response on this one, sorry Maxine.

I will no longer be using tape to line clips for bows or embellishments. I bought the roll of Sealah tape and then like three rolls of Specialty tape back in January to prepare for a show I had coming up. I lined ALL of my clips with the tape. I made a TON of bows and the show ended up being more of a flea market than the "craft show" I was told it would be. So, I came home with almost all of the bows, and they have since been hanging on ribbon on my pegboard display in my craft studio. I also put a few out for sale at a local hair salon that sells my items.

Well...I just went in the other day to refill and change out my items at the salon and was MORTIFIED to find that my bows are all pulling away from the clip. I had to pull so many of them to bring home to fix, I am so embarrassed. Not only that, but this means that the bows that I made at that time that have since sold (either in the salon or on Etsy or whatnot) are probably pulling away from the clip on my customers!!!!

So I came home and checked the rows of bows sitting on my display......yep, they are ALL pulling away from the clip.

Honestly, I am almost at the end of my rope with my clip lining abilities - I mean, it isn't rocket science, right? So why does this happen to me???

When I first started out my clips did the same thing, so I researched and switched from low temp to high temp glue gun and started using Surebonder glue sticks (that specifically said for metal). As far as I can tell, the bows made once I did that switch haven't had issues.

Then I switched to tape right before the show because I had such a large volume of clips to do in a short time. It certainly made the process easier and more fun, but now THIS.

I've now switched to using tape AND glue to line clips for bows or embellishments (even a clippie with a petal cap on it started pulling up on me) - and will just use the rest of the tape I have to line plain clips. Once I run out, I won't be purchasing again.

Just wanted to let you know, Maxine, that my opinion had changed.

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