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Default Re: ISO hello kitty 2nd bday applique, maybe someone to make invites too...

totally off topic but to explain my horrible day....
my oldest 2 kids father is a prick and hasnt seen or talked to them in over 8 years, fine by me cause hes a not so good guy if ya know what i mean... kind that likes to knock ya around. anyways he took us to court a while back tryin to get visitation & claim them on taxes and the judge said the only way he could claim 1 was if he was totally current in support by feb1, well hes over $9000 behind so we went ahead and filed our taxes & we get a thing sayin its rejected cause someone already claimed my son!!!!!!!!!!! WTF really??? so now we have to mail ours in and wait 6-8 weeks to get our money back....
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