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Default Re: scrapbook paper?

Originally Posted by mom4them View Post
What I did was found a box bigger than the 12x12 piece of paper. Then I went to Home Depot and bought 13 inches of base board already painted white.

Then I used double sided tape and taped the paper and taped it to the box. Then I did the same for the base board the same way.

I them found a paper of faux wood. (I think it make it look hand made) and on a flat surface I lay the wood looking paper down and then I place the box with the wallpaper and base board right on top.

And this is the look I get. I think it looks real. would you ever think that was 2 pieces of paper and scrape base board. (Oh and i paid 59 cents for the paper and 1.05 for the base board.)

Hope that helps.
that helps a lot!! thank you!
I need to go buy a base board or call my dad he probably has one laying around!
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