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Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
Hi. Welcome to Hip Girls.

Those are verrrrrry ambitious bows. They could take weeks or months to learn and even longer to perfect.

And as helpful as the members here are they aren't necessarily in a hurry to give up all of their secrets, at least not all at once. LOL.

Having said that, with a little browsing and using the search feature you can find a lot of the basic information you need to get started.

Here is the index to Free and Paid instructions.

You can post your formal introduction here

Right now you are in the best forum (“How To Make”) for searching for tips and techniques and informal instructions, some of them really detailed and with pictures, almost amounting to a mini tutorial.

I suggest searching terms like: Twisted, Funky, Spikes, Stacked, Over The Top, OTT, etc. Eventually that will lead you to all of the information you need to make the bows you linked. But you may need to walk before you can run, so you may wind up needing to search terms like “basic” and “pinwheel”.

If you really are pressed for time I would strongly consider buying a really good tutorial, preferably one with a template. I haven’t bought one myself but you can search for recommendations. I know a couple of members sell some that are highly thought of, but even the best ones don’t work for everyone.

But, realistically, depending upon how soon your DD’s birthday is, you are probably better off going to the Ribbons, Bows and More section of the Sale forum. There are 3 or 4 excellent bow makers that offer the type of bow you are looking at for really reasonable money. And, believe it or not, buying could actually be more cost effective once you realize how much the materials can cost, and how much waste there is during the learning process.

Good luck. And again, welcome to HG.


wow! i wish you would have posted this when i first started. now 3 yrs later i am almost happy with how my bows are shaping up. lots of good info!
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