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Default Re: Damask background in photos?

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I got mine from Target. It's a curtain. Paid $15 for it, and it's awesome! I don't have the example in this pic, but you just buy a baseboard and clamp to the bottom of the backdrop. I have hardwoods, so I use my own hardwoods. I've also ordered some faux hardwood mats such as the PP posted. In addition, you can use linoleum flooring. It's fake hardwoods that snap together in pieces. You can get it anywhere from $15+ a box, and a box will make more than enough! If you need to lay it on carpet, I would suggest putting some plywood underneath or it will buckle. Same with the faux flooring.

Here is my damask
Thank you so much for posting this!!! I have been looking for a damask curtain to cover an ugly roll-up door/use for photos in my shop!! I had looked at my Target and didn't find any so I didn't even bother to look online but now I did and called my Target and they have only 1- so they're going to hold it for me!! So much better and cheaper than me buying that much upholstery fabric and making it myself!!!
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