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Default Re: Damask background in photos?

Originally Posted by DanielleK View Post
What is it that you guys use to hold up your backgrounds?

Problem in my house is that we have baseboard heating and I have things on most of my walls, so I don't really have a wall free where I can attach a background to the wall easily. But I have no idea what I should use to hold it up, say, in the middle of the room. Do I have to buy a special stand for photo backdrops or does someone have a suggestion as to what I can do?
I use a cheap background stand. I got mine for $50 off Ebay with free shipping. I had to replace it this week, cause my last one fell apart (it *is* cheap after all). My last one lasted 6 years though, which I think is awesome. It can raise up to 8 feet, and is about 9 ft wide. (I'm sorry I dont know the correct dimensions).
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