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Default Re: Honest Opinions Please!

The quick way, if you use a background color that is in great contrast to your item (and your item doesn't have the same color in it), is to go to Select by Color, and click on the background color. Then select Clear. If you do not have a transparent background (or hitting Clear does not work) go to Layer, Transparency, Add Alpha Channel. Then use Clear again.

This will delete your background color and leave a transparent layer in its place. When you save a .jpg it will flatten the image, leaving it with a white background.

Not sure if this is how everyone else is doing it, but figured I'd post just in case someone would like to know. If you have questions, just post here and I'll be happy to help.

The key to this working well and not clearing part of your item image, is to make sure to use a background color that really contrasts and is not a color that you used in your item. So if you have a white bow, use a black background. That way the Gimp can easily distinguish between the two and you won't get some random little snippet that Gimp mistakenly takes out.

This way isn't foolproof, more the "quick and dirty" way, but for most items it will work well. For anything that you need more detailed work on, you'll have to use the Path tool to select the outline of your item, select it, then Clear the part of the photo you haven't selected.
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