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Default Re: Damask background in photos?

Definitely much easier and cheaper to make your own as she said... I make my own also... the piece together flooring is excellent, and 15-25 a box (prices vary depending on shade of wood) is much cheaper than then 80+ it costs to buy one from a lot of places.... plus you can pick it up probably within an hour or two of you and save so much compared to shipping. I use paper or cloth backgrounds also. I don't clamp mine, i use velcrow. I velcrow whichever piece i want to use to the backboard i use. That stretches it tight to keep the picture looking great. Then its easy to switch to another. Just unvelcrow the one you're done with, and velcrow another on... the trim covers the bottom when i attach it, and so it looks clean all the way around My damask background is fabric...
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