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Default Re: 1" Button Maker-worth having one if you do not make bows?

Originally Posted by taxiof2 View Post
American Button Machines make a 1 1/4 button maker. I wonder if that would use the 1" images so you wouldn't have to resize them. Anyone know?
The issue is that if you want the buttons to look good, the image needs to wrap all the way around sides of the button and under the plate in the back. So while a 1-inch bottlecap image would certainly fit in the center face of a 1 inch button, it doesn't have a border around it, so the sides of the button will be white. And, if you don't get it EXACTLY lined up, there will be white showing on the face of the button.

It's much easier to have a properly sized image that is big enough to wrap all the way around.

Does that make sense?

The 1.25 inch button is actually 1.25 inches across, so the bottlecap woudln't be big enough.
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