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Default Re: What went wrong with my tutu?

Play around with the knotting, you want it to be a tight knot, but you don't want the "loop" around the elastic too tight, that is what makes the elastic stretch.

When I make them for my daughter, I actually leave the elastic un-sewn and then when I think it is enough to fit her, then I wrap around her chest, get it to the width I need, then sew the ends together. I knot one end of the elastic to keep it from falling off. All of my other tutu creations for customers, they want the headbands used, so I haven't ran into that problem with them. However, the last tutu I made my daughter, I used the headband material (bty from HL) and and subtracted several inches from my daughter's width, and it was WAY too big! Thank goodness for cool weather and her wearing a long sleeved tee underneath!
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