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Default Re: 1" Button Maker-worth having one if you do not make bows?

You use regular printer paper, or thin scrapbook paper. You can print photos out on that, and it will look just fine. As long as the paper isn't too thick (no cardstock, for example) it should work fine. Because of the plastic coating, the image will look all nice and shiny, even if it's printed out on printer paper.

No, bottle cap images won't work. They images need to be about 1.25 inches in diameter to bend around the sides of the button.

There are definitely sellers on Etsy who sell images for 1 inch buttons. And even if they don't have them specifically for those images, I would be that most of them could resize them for you so the'yd be the right size. (They'd probably charge a couple of bucks extra for that.)The American Button Machines website has templates with the size for the whole circle and the front of the image.

I love the machine at school, and I have been known to borrow it for the evening for my own crafting purposes. ;-P
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