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Originally Posted by jessicasbowtique View Post
All I do is do all of the folds I use an alligator clip at the bottom and top to help secure it. Once my folds are done I take my sally's clip and put it over the hole where your stiches go. Then take off my alligator clips. Stich (sp?) starting from the front of the template I just do however many stiches I can fit just a simple running stich not a gathered running stich just a running stich back and forth. Then leaving my needle in the bow remove my sally's clip and bow from the template. Flip it, pull it tight and tie it off. I even go through the bow and knot it just to make sure. Then I adjust the loops and starch.

Does your ribbon stay under the tabs? I cannot get my ribbon to stay in the tabs but they stay under the arms good. Does that matter that the ribbon arent under the little tabs?
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