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Default Re: How do you make your tutus look like..

Originally Posted by happyleesh View Post
I'm hijacking because this has always confused me..bear with me..
This is what I don't get..

So lets say I'm making a tutu:


(that's my elastic)

X and O are my two colors of tulle that I am square knotting onto my tutu in an alternating pattern:

X-O-X-O-X-O (knots)

Now, for the second layer, when you say you put another layer between the first layer of knots, if my new knots are "a" and "b" would it be:


or something like:
a b a b a

(where its "a" under X ("a" is tied to the bottom of the X knot))
and if this just makes everything worse, sorry!
Bumping this up because I am still looking for an answer to this.
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