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Default Re: 1" Button Maker-worth having one if you do not make bows?

Originally Posted by countfergula View Post
If that's a Tecre machine (or however you spell it, sold by American Button Machines and others), it's a GREAT machine. We have one at school, and I find it super easy to use, and the buttons come out great every time (once you get the hang of it). You can go to their website and see all of the supplies they have available. You can make some cool stuff with it.

And you certainly will be able to make your money back if you decide you don't use it enough!
I do have this machine (dont use it nearly enough! ) But yes, it is a great machine, easy to use, and they do have some cool stuff on their website!

PS- girls who are interested in buying it better go in a flat rate, because that sucker is HEAVY!!!
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