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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Originally Posted by mwilkins View Post
Here's something that helps me out. ....

When I'm matching all my ribbons(for new bows) and picking out bow centers. I will precut a bunch of them out(like enough for 20 bows or more) I then put each bow in its own little pouch of an over the door shoe organizer I have hanging on my door. That way when I get the time to make them I pull a few out at a time and work on them from start to finish and all my pieces are precut including the thread to sew them and I just need to assemble them.

I do the same thing - cute the pieces, match them all up, except I put them in little baggies, and I reuse them over, and over, and over - the bags are looking pretty rough at this point! It's easier to have everything ready and then just assemble.
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