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Default Re: What do you all think?

Well, my pharmacy isn't even a mile away so I was like uhhh I need to do something to pass time cause I have an 18 month old who was still napping and my prescription has been all messed up and they just figured it out so I was happy lol tired of withdrawals, they are horrible when you have fibromyalgia lol! So I made this then right after got the phone call perfect timing!! I don't have a tut on how I did it but i'll try and explain I just took combos of tons of tut's I have seen and just did it my way.

On the grey one I just cut the strips don't know the width or length, but I did that then I fold it in half and tie my knot and make sure it is flat and then just twisted and dabbed glue till I was done. The pink one was a little different cause it is satin. I cut the strip and tied a knot at one end and started wrapping but also folding it down as well. So I would wrap it then twist then fold down and wrap...hope that makes sense lol.

Thanks for all the comments!!
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