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Default Re: Bottle cap experts I need ur help!

Originally Posted by erinaj27 View Post
Congrats on doing your bottle caps and it working out so well! Its always a sigh of relief when it all works out for you.

The E6000 works wonderfully for me. I do take the bottle cap liners out of my bottle caps and that may be the difference. Also, the furniture pads you are using are they wood or plastic? I use the wooden ones. I know some things the E6000 just wont adhere to and I think it lists the materials on the E6000 package. I know it will eat right through hot glue, learned that by mistake when I had hot glued something and then used E6000 on the same piece and it all fell apart. Whoops!
Thanks!! I just made up another batch - I am happy!! Woo hoo!

I use the little felt/woody furniture pads -maybe I should give it another try!! Do you put the glue on both surfaces and let it dry a bit before you put them together, or do you just put the glue on and put the pieces together right away?
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