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Default Re: Bottle cap experts I need ur help!

Originally Posted by micmac68 View Post
I did it!! I did it!!! I did it!!!! I purchased some images from Etsy, printed them out on my ink-jet printer, sprayed some clear sealer (from WalMart) over the images, used my 1" circle hole punch to punch out the images and the thermo-web, attached the image to the cap with the thermo web, then mixed up my ET Lite, and poured them on my caps. I am THRILLED with the results!!!

I have not had luck with using the E6000 glue to secure my bottlecap to my bows. I put the furniture pads in the back for added adhesion area, but the caps kept pulling off. Any suggestions with what I am doing wrong? I have been using hot glue and they are holding for me. TIA
Congrats on doing your bottle caps and it working out so well! Its always a sigh of relief when it all works out for you.

The E6000 works wonderfully for me. I do take the bottle cap liners out of my bottle caps and that may be the difference. Also, the furniture pads you are using are they wood or plastic? I use the wooden ones. I know some things the E6000 just wont adhere to and I think it lists the materials on the E6000 package. I know it will eat right through hot glue, learned that by mistake when I had hot glued something and then used E6000 on the same piece and it all fell apart. Whoops!
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