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Question 1" Button Maker-worth having one if you do not make bows?

My Mom's neighbor has a 1" button maker that she wants to sell (cannot be used with fabric). She is 90 years old and doesn't know why she even has I told her what they cost new so she says she will sell it for $100. It is only the machine, no accessories or anything. I am kind of tempted to buy it, but I do not make bows. I make scrabble tile & bottle cap necklaces. I am planning on opening an Etsy store soon so I was thinking I could sell the buttons on there, but not sure if it would be worth it or not. I just hate passing up a good deal I guess I could probably make necklaces out of the buttons..idk. Any opinions? Since I do not make bows, should I not even bother buying it? This is what it looks like.

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