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Default Re: melted my korkers ribbon

Originally Posted by alyssa23 View Post
Oh yeah!! Glad it worked for you. 2 1/2-3 1/2 in is a good size and make them nice and full. Personally 6 in is way too long. If you trim them a little shorter they may fluff up a little better for you and seem less limp. You can even try a bigger dowel to kork the ribbon on, this will give you bigger curls.
when I cut them-- the original korker was off a 12" dowel rod (1/4" in thickness) I cut the korker in half-- hence the 6" in length.. bc I figured, that if I put the korker together, each side would be about 3" in length-- but it didn't work how I thought it would-- it looked more like a weeping willow :O)

so after I trimmed it, it seemed to perk up a bit..I did spray it with Faultless spray starch and let it hang upside down over nite.. now it stands straight up! I just looks not as full as I thought it would.. I had about 40 korkers.. between the 2 bows... but it just didn't work out as a full one, that is why I made 2 smaller ones... I will have to try the larger dowels and see how that works out -- thanks for the tip!
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