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Default Re: How come these korkers are so puffy?

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
I can understand people not wanting someone to specifically copy their particular design or whatever.. but sometimes I think this gets out of hand.

I've been in the craft business for decades. And I mean decades. I've made bows with yarn, plastic, feathers and what-not. I've made jewelry, art pieces and heaven knows what else.

So, should I write to everyone on etsy and tell them not to copy *me?* I mean, after all, I made it first. Many of the products I see there I've made at some point long ago.

Then, after I send that note out, crafters older than me can send a note to me saying the exact same thing.

See how silly this can get?
Excellent post!!! Yes, some women get their panties in a wad. Look at the templates for the bows. Someone came out with them there are several to go by. They're different designs but some are very similar. It is good to have a variety to choose from. Some people have the same taste for ribbon and they will use the same ribbon combos to create a product. That is not copying. If it looks like yours then admire it. If you think it is better then come up with a way to make yours look better. We all copy to some extent.

-who came up with the surround bow? How many of us do this?
-who came up with the marabou in the bows?
-who started to use bottlecaps on their bows?
-who started the whole twisted boutique style?
-Who decided korking ribbon would be a great idea?
-who came up with the firecracker bow?
-what about the funky loopy bow?
**you get where I am going with this?

The only thing I don't like is stealing pictures and that is a whole other subject.

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