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Default Re: How come these korkers are so puffy?

Just a side note, be very careful using her pic in this thread here, I create korkers using fun fur, marabou, korker ribbon, ric rac and a few other things, I do one each holiday....well, this past christmas season she sent me a convo through etsy that stated..."you should be utterly ashamed of yourself, you sell plenty and have no need to copy my design" , it went on and blah, blah, blah

i sent her a reply back "..though your work is absolutely wonderful I did not copy your design, I have in this particular christmas korker, ric rac, fun fur and all kinds of other things. I have created a special holiday korker & boutique bow for each holiday and this has been a top seller at my shows for 4 years running. I also do not have the time in my work day to hunt and scope out everyone who sells something similar to me. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and have a blessed holiday season."

i don't think that was to bad of a reply considering we were on vacay in vegas when she convo'ed me and for some reason i decided to reply to her after walking the strip for 7 hours and more than a few cocktails, thank goodness I didn't say anything rude or crappy!
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