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Default Re: Bottle cap experts I need ur help!

I purchase some images off ebay and etsy and then I make my own. I print mine at home because I am not close enough to Wal-Mart or Walgreens to go every day or in the middle of the night when I decide to do them. Lol. I print them on my home printer, but I have to seal the images so the ink doesnt smear. I get the sealer at Michaels, its on the glue isle or Wal-Mart has some too in the craft department (I think Modge Podge is the brand at WM). I spray it on the 4x6 sheet and only takes a minute to dry then use hole punch. No need to seal if you have them printed anywhere like Walgreens, WM, etc.

I use the Xyron sticker maker (can be found at WM) to adhere image to the bottle caps. Works best for me.

When attaching to a bow I get furniture plugs from Hobby Lobby (in the wood isle), E600 the plug to the back of the bottle cap, let dry about 15 to 20 minutes and then E6000 to the hair bow. HTH!
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