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Originally Posted by Wendy523 View Post
I have had several people order bows on craigslist, but not one has ever followed through! Thankfullly I only list things I already have made or can lisn Etsy. I used to say I'd accept cash but no one ever showed up to buy! So now I only will do paypal, but they can still pick them up to save on shipping. Still no takers though.
it wasnt too bad, a couple of the people did- and some people PayPaled the shipping if they didnt want to pick it up, but some of them didnt even pick it up and it was FREE!!!

It was worth the try, but I wouldnt do it again to be honest. I think CL gets way too many lurkers.

I think thats a good idea though to have it PP for the cost, but can pick up. But I would make certain times because otherwise, I had a couple people for various other things cancel and then I am sitting at home waiting for them!
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