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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

What great ideas! I enjoyed reading all your tips.

I use the lid to a long wrapping paper storage box (the plastic ones) on top of my craft table. When I am cutting ribbons for bows, etc. all my little strings, spike pieces, etc. fall right onto the lid and I can just dump all the pieces when I get done crafting at the end of the night. This has also come in hand because I use my craft table for scrapbooking and other crafts so if I have hair bow stuff out I just put it all on the lid, put it somewhere it wont get knocked off and then can pick up where I left off later.

I also do my own bottle cap images and hated when I only used one of the images off my 4x6 sheet, but also didnt want to store the individual 1" circle pieces either. I bought some cheap accordian type files, the ones that people use for coupon holders (I found some plastic ones at Dollar Tree) and I label each pocket with sports, characters, or whatever "theme" the images are. That way I still keep the images, but I dont have to punch them out until I need to.
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