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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Originally Posted by elly760 View Post
lol...this is what i am doing, using pieces of cardboard! i love this idea!!

don't know how usefull this will be for others but for me it has saved me time and money! i used to keep my scraps of ribbon all mixed in one drawer and there were times that i would buy MORE ribbon when i already had it! so what i did is sort out all my scraps by width and put them in separate big ziplock bags by size. so now i know what i need!

also as my ribbon runs out i cut a small piece of it and put it in a separate baggie so when i need to buy it i know exactly what width and color i need to get!
Love your idea about when your ribbon gets low. I often remember what size I need, but dont remember the color and vice versa. Will definitely use this idea!
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