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Default Re: Lost all my bookmarks!!!

Originally Posted by saurey08 View Post
How in the world do you save and export them? I'm being super cautious now lol I have a word doc going and I'm putting them on a flash drive! Although I had just done a good sweep of all my bookmarks a few days ago and I know a lot of the stuff but still, I feel like a lost so much lol. I'm trying not to make a big deal of it but tonight my hubby had to make it all worse lol, he kept trying to find them after I told him there was no recovery and just making me feel even more dumb just cause I don't understand computers and I did everything he said! O also I have a laptop to whoever was wondering it's an Hp...I have vista on it if that makes any sense. I really know nothing about computers except picture wise and the internet....even though I search everything for help lol.
Ok well I use Firefox so I'm not sure how to do it for any other browser but I imagine it would be something similar.

For Firefox you go to Bookmarks>Organise Bookmarks>Import & Backup> Export HTML.

Then you can save all of your bookmarks as a html file and either load it in the browser or import it back into firefox. HTH
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