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Default Re: Lost all my bookmarks!!!

Originally Posted by brezzamagoo View Post
I know exactly how you are feeling (without the loss bit). My laptop was playing up and I was worried I would lose all of my bookmarks. So my boyfriend told me to save and export them and I just emailed them to myself. I could either open them up in firefox and click on the links or (which is what I did) imported them onto the desktop and voila!

Hope you can get most of them back again.
How in the world do you save and export them? I'm being super cautious now lol I have a word doc going and I'm putting them on a flash drive! Although I had just done a good sweep of all my bookmarks a few days ago and I know a lot of the stuff but still, I feel like a lost so much lol. I'm trying not to make a big deal of it but tonight my hubby had to make it all worse lol, he kept trying to find them after I told him there was no recovery and just making me feel even more dumb just cause I don't understand computers and I did everything he said! O also I have a laptop to whoever was wondering it's an Hp...I have vista on it if that makes any sense. I really know nothing about computers except picture wise and the internet....even though I search everything for help lol.
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