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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
Oooo look at me using the multi quote function :P

Really gross but useful tip from an old sewing relative, lube your needle oil from your scalp (I use vaseline) Just rub a teeny bit between your fingers & then slide it over your needle. it is so much easier to pull through stacks of korked ribbon.

I always masking tape (the blue low tack tape) the woodburner cord to my table too!! And keep it in my hubby's coffee mug that he got from work That bugger took one bite out of my polyester slipper and will not get away from me ever again!

I so want one of these!!!!
Hahahaha yes my wood burner has fallen once and never again! Plus my son is in and out of my room constantly he is 18 months this month! Anyways, since I'm always working he is in there and I always say "HOT" and he says it back and pays attention but still scares me lol. I am gonna put it in a coffee mug since I don't drink coffee just hot chocolate ha ha. I want to build ma a whole new desk area so I can put the cord going along the wall and bring it out another way so he will never be near it!
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