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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Oooo look at me using the multi quote function :P

Originally Posted by QueenBow View Post
Learning a lot tonight!
Ok, I sew my korkers and sometimes my needle gets stuck. I use a rubber jar gripper (like this) to pull the needle out. Works everytime time.
Really gross but useful tip from an old sewing relative, lube your needle oil from your scalp (I use vaseline) Just rub a teeny bit between your fingers & then slide it over your needle. it is so much easier to pull through stacks of korked ribbon.

Originally Posted by saurey08 View Post
I love all of these tips!!! Especially the wood burner and hot glue tip! I have my wood burner taped down to my table ha ha I'm so scared of it!!!

For my hot gule gun I place it on a plastic piece so it just comes right off as well....
I always masking tape (the blue low tack tape) the woodburner cord to my table too!! And keep it in my hubby's coffee mug that he got from work That bugger took one bite out of my polyester slipper and will not get away from me ever again!

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
Use a 2" metal triangular ruler to help make your "v" cuts. The ruler can be found at HL where all of the supplies for making the doll houses are. It makes it so easy for me to use with my wood burner.
I so want one of these!!!!
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