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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

Originally Posted by juliaschmoolia View Post
my tip is to get a silicone pot holder (found mine in cheapy isle near the checkouts at my Walmart) and use it to put your hot glue on. when glue drips on it and dries you just peal it off and throw it away. no messy pieces of cardboard like I used to use.
lol...this is what i am doing, using pieces of cardboard! i love this idea!!

don't know how usefull this will be for others but for me it has saved me time and money! i used to keep my scraps of ribbon all mixed in one drawer and there were times that i would buy MORE ribbon when i already had it! so what i did is sort out all my scraps by width and put them in separate big ziplock bags by size. so now i know what i need!

also as my ribbon runs out i cut a small piece of it and put it in a separate baggie so when i need to buy it i know exactly what width and color i need to get!
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