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Default Re: How do you make your tutus look like..

Originally Posted by *Tu-Tu* Cute Hair Bows View Post
how many layers of tulle do you put on? i tie one layer on then go back and and tie another layer in between the first layer and then go back and tie another layer on top of that.........does that make sense probably not because i stink at explaining things

When you say you tie one on first do you do a square knot? I do the square not they just look a lot better to me then the slip knot. Anyways when you do the knot do you put it on top of the tulle you just tied like hmmmmm trying to think how to explain it. Like would you go under the tulle up at the top by the elastic? I hope that made sense lol maybe I should take pics of what i'm thinking.

Also I love making tutu's and can not wait to make the mafia tutu!
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