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Default Re: Tut to make the 3/8 loopy bow? and ? on tutu

Originally Posted by tinkersbowtique View Post
i know how to dot he surround loops with the boutique bows but im talking about just a clip with only the 3/8 loops... im going to see if i can find a picture bc its really hard to explain since there is so many different kinds of loopy bows LOL

well both- poofy and the tulle strips to stick out-
ivc tried the revisable tutu for puffy- it seemed to work but all the strips just laid down and now stuck out

lol..yea there are soo many different kinds of bow with the same name! make it real hard to find something!!

the first tutu that i made i used 50 yards of tulle and just used the down method and its really poofy and the tulle sticks out. so maybe if you use more tulle it will stick out more
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