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Default Re: how to make his style

Originally Posted by ojyllek View Post
Coming to this party quite late, but finally got around to trying this. I've never made an over-the-top or anything, so this was my first "crazy" bow. I really dislike spikes, so left those off. I am kinda pleased with it as a first attempt, and see why so many of you enjoy making these types so much- great fun! Lots of combos are possible, and it's fun playing around with it. I just used scraps I had in my scrap bag- if I was making it for real instead of play, I would have made a few different choices.
Thank you ladies for the pointers and especially those of you who wrote it out/took pictures- very helpful.

I love it! I love the color choices and ribbon styles you used I wish I had the talent to make one... ah, maybe some day ~
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