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Default Re: What are you making today? (with instructions)

Originally Posted by saurey08 View Post
I spent time with my family as I just completed this huge order!! I made 16 zebra and orange funky bows for a girl scout group that had their picture taken for the paper today!! My friends saw their bows while they were selling and she texted and said I seen your bows lol. I also had to make the same lady a v-day petti tutu and bow for her daughter and did I mention she told me all this at 8'o clock Tuesday night and had to be done by Friday morning....Lets just say I was up till 5 o'clock in the morning both days lol. My husband learned how to cut ribbon and put jewels on bows lol! He was such a great help!! I have a DS so it was stressful at moments!! Today I made a light box for my products using this tut...

Yall can laugh at my stuff lol I'm no where near as good as over half of you!

P.S. I do not want to see another Zebra bow for a long time!
Wow, great bows! They look fabulous! And I'm so jealous of your light box ~ I want one!!
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