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Default Re: Where do you get graphics for images???

Originally Posted by midgetinvasion View Post
I draw them myself with Paint Shop Pro. I'm very against people googling images and just saving them and slapping them on a bottlecap, because that's image theft.
I totally agree with Midgetinvasion!
Googling images and using them is against the law. You don't own the copyright to the images so it is theft to use them.

"alot of people make their own or trace from an image in illustrator.
if you're just looking for an image though try,, google and different keywords like clipart, digiart, stamps, png, etc. HTH!"

Yes a lot of people do but most do it because they don't know that it is against the law and the rest do it because they think they will never get found out not really understand that if they do get found out, the out come can be as bad a jail time.

Draw your own images do NOT save them off the net or "trace" them off other peoples work! You can use free programs like gimp or pay ones like photoshop or paint shop pro (is what I use).
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