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Default Re: How to make fabric stiffener

This sounds like a great idea!!! So i followed the directions and added 1/2 cup of potato starch to small amount of water the added the rest of the boiling 2.5 cups of water. Mine turned clear but was very gloppy think, like jelly. Did yours come out liquid at that ratio (1/2 cup startch to 2.5 cups water)? Tryign to figure out what I did wrong and if I should just add massive amounts of water to mine. Thanks for any help or advice!
You added a half cup of potato starch? Doesn't the recipe call for 1 tablespoon?

Or you can make your own liquid starch.

1. 1 tablespoon potato starch flour (better than the cornstarch) in 2.5 cups water.
2. mix the starch into a small amount of cold water, and while stirring to keep it from settling out, add boiling
water. The boiling water will cook the starch and turn it transparent.
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