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Default Re: lined clips help!

Originally Posted by karina721 View Post
The tape you buy locally isn't as strong as the other stuff, like specialty tapes and sealy (not sure if I spelled that one right). There is a scrapbooking one but I've only heard complaints about it.

Crown Point. Good name!

See my post above this one.
Ty! we are still learning to line them with glue but i might have to order from you.. this is starting to get on my nerves. I keep on wasting so much ribbon.. but I guess that's how we learn right.. from our mistakes..=)

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
I like the tape better than hot glue... I just wish that I could get the tape to go on the ribbon a little easier.
I might try the tape now.. I mean what is there to lose right.. ty!
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