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Default Zebra Glitter Ribbon Headbands for cheer/softball

I found the solid color glitter strips and glitter tape to make the headbands, but can someone guide me into the correct direction to find zebra print glitter strips? I know it has to exist since I've seen the headbands selling online and it's driving me crazy that I cannot find it! I have wasted too much time searching online for it and figured one of you lovely ladies may be able to help me. I did find zebra vinyl, but it comes in 12x24 sheets for $3/sheet, so it needs to be cut. Is this what people regularly use?

A softball team showed me a flyer she received from someone who offered to make the glitter headbands for them for $5.99 each. This seems a little low to me especially since the picture was "borrowed" from a website that sells them for 5.99/ea themselves.

Thanks in advance ladies!
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